Taiwan’s most distinguished graduate music department encompassing musicology, performance and composition—the only music department without an undergraduate program, the Institute of Music at the National Chiao Tung University has earned its reputation throughout the years with faculty and student excellence. Originally a division within the Institute of Applied Arts in 1992, the Institute of Music became an independent department in 2000 at NCTU, one of the top three universities in Taiwan. Our faculty comprises award-winning artists and scholars, holding the highest qualifications from prestigious universities and conservatories in the USA and Europe.
In 2005, our faculty’s “ChiaoTa Chamber Ensemble (交大室內樂集)” pioneered in the performances of the then lesser known chamber music repertoire to critical acclaims, and headed the way towards making chamber music part of the emphasis in our curriculum. Over the years, our alumni have become dedicated scholars, teachers or professional musicians; some have also pursued their doctorates abroad, a few even won prizes and nominations at various music awards. Our students are frequently invited to present papers at regional and international academic conferences, and won awards at international electronic music competitions and other composition as well as performance prizes. Other highlights include the hosting of the 2007, 2012, 2015 and 2018 International Workshops on Computer Music and Audio Technology (WOCMAT) and the 2011 Taiwan Musicology Forum. We are also proud of receiving biennial residency from The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center since 2014, and the student exchange programs with Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music in Singapore and Johns Hopkins University’s Peabody Conservatory of Music in USA.

We are devoted to excellence in creativity, musicianship and scholarship, and through their symbiosis to the nurturing of a new generation of intellectual and innovative music makers. Through our General Education courses, we also introduce the art of sensitive and contextual listening to the society’s future engineers and managers.

We offer master degrees in composition (incl. computer music, multimedia music theatre), performance (instrumental, vocal), and musicology. We have also been in charge of the intercollegiate master program in Sound and Music Innovative Technologies (SMIT), and the undergraduate concentration credits in music within the General Education curriculum, both first of its kinds in Taiwan.

The Institute is perched on the modern and newly built Humanities III Building, main home for its lecture and seminar rooms as well as 16 studios (including practice and chamber music studios, a fully equipped percussion room and two computer audio labs). The two piano teaching studios are equipped with pianos side by side, each consisting of two Hamburg Steinway B’s, and Shigeru SKIII’s. We further have a French two-manual harpsichord, 13 grand pianos, several Yamaha Disklaviers, and a collection of the Chinese instrument qin. Next to this main building is our concert venue at the university’s Art Center Theatre, hosting wonderful guest artist concerts as well as student recitals. The hall is also home to two Steinway concert grand pianos from Hamburg. Also vis-à-vis is the University Library, housing our comprehensive music collection of complete editions, facsimiles, multilingual literature, multimedia materials etc. This collection has been further expanded recently by the winning of a 9-million-dollar National Science Council library grant for European Music History 1700-1945.

Chiao Ta Chamber Ensemble
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